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In all that time the US version of Scooby has been voiced by only five actors (the original actor, Don Messick, played him from 1969 to 1994), and there remains something so familiar and reassuring about Scooby, even as the storylines and the entanglements of the Scooby gang change around him.Nowadays in Mystery Incorporated Velma may be on/off dating Shaggy, and Fred and Daphne may be having problems with their relationship, but Scooby remains as cowardly and hungry as ever.

co-creator Chris Ord hinted that Eyal Lavin's reappearance is tied to CIA field operative "Annie [Piper Perabo] and her secret".

He is the son of Gila (Lachmann/Lachman), who was born in Kiryat Chaim, Haifa, and Uri/Ury Ernst Fehr, who was born in Jerusalem. His father’s family was German Jewish, and his maternal grandparents were of German Jewish and Dutch Jewish background, respectively.

Oded’s paternal grandparents were Joachim/Hans Fehr and Miriam Shaltiel. Paula was born in Eschwege, the daughter of Albert Doernberg, from Plaue, Thüringen, and of Cilly Dinkelspuhler, from Furth.

Oded met Rhonda Tollefson (Finding Forrester producer) at the Lost Angles Opera. Oded has one older brother, one older sister and a younger half sister. He is a big supporter of the Kids Cancer Connection charity.

The process allows the agency to use victims' memories to investigate murders and decipher mysteries that would have otherwise been impossible to solve.

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