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Sometimes, though, you'll need to use a bit more discernment.

Late 19th- and early 20th-century cabinets were wide enough to accommodate the bowl and pitcher, as well as miscellaneous toiletries.

This technique meant that the forms of a vase were first made from bronze or copper, thus creating compartments ( in French) which were then filled with a mixture of glass paste and different oxides, like the cobalt we mentioned before.

The metal oxides fusion with the porcelain material and create beautiful enamels that decorated Ming vases.

If you're having problems identifying your object, one of these resources may help.

Wash basin cabinets, often simply called washstands, were standard bedroom furniture in the days before indoor plumbing.

Centers for daily ablutions, they held ceramic wash basins and their accompanying water pitchers.

According to TLC Home, it's better to look at the construction and finish of the piece instead.

Before the invention of stainless steel, sterling silver and silver-plated items were found in every home.

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