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Normally, if I change a value that a bar graph uses I see the bar graph change - but that does not happen with the cells that have values placed in them by the macro.

I also have a section that sums the values in the chart to make sure it's running right, and these values do not update automatically as well.

To make a “one-off” formula in a table, enter the desired formula in the cell of interest and press Enter.

Upon doing so, Excel changes all of the formulas in the column.

I tried a couple of things - "Formulas - Automatic" was checked, clicking "Calculate Now" and "Calculate Sheet" would not update the model.

The only way the to update the cell is to click on the formula and hit Enter or Tab.

The cells have the formula =SUM(B3: B12) and so on, in them.

Right now, every time that I run the macro I need to go into the cell with the formula, hit 'enter', and then it does the summation.

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Follow these steps: If this does not fix the problem, then it must be related to the actual SUMIF formula.

It seems that when the data in his worksheet changes, the SUMIF function doesn't automatically update.

He is, however, able to update the formula if he selects it, presses F2 (to jump into edit mode) and then press Enter.

Immediately click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar or use the CTRL Z keyboard shortcut and you will notice that all of the other formulas return to their original state and that the formula in the cell of interest is now different from all of the other formulas in that column.

Johan wrote about a problem he was having with the SUMIF function in his worksheet.

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