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Sadly, not all our fave stars showed their best attempts on the CMT Music Awards red carpet Wednesday night, particularly this trio!

Rachel Bilson, Rae Lynn, and Brandi Cyrus were far from boring, but these outfits could have been SO much better! 's newest addition showed up to the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday, and well, it's interesting to see her attempt at a country carpet!

The woman pictured above (Drew Barrymore) was once voted Sexiest Woman by some magazine I don't really give a shit about (and would probably judge you for reading). I support homosexuals and their decisions, but this reversal is really starting to creep me out.

She was visiting an art gallery in Beverly Hills with her husband Will Kopelman, so she probably figured she was safe to go without... Miley Cyrus Thinks Justin Bieber is Princess Di Who Thinks Miley Cyrus is a Lesbian? Miley Cyrus Actually Made Two and a Half Men Worse Miley Cyrus Looks Like a 12 Year Old Boy.

The beloved teen series featured love triangles, fist fights and one of the best TV soundtracks ever.

C.’s series finale aired 10 years ago today, February 22, which means that Seth Cohen has likely read piles of comic books and played The Shins on vinyl countless times since tying the knot with his high school crush, Summer Roberts. C., which ran for four seasons from 2003 to 2007 on Fox, told the story of a not-so-bad boy from Chino who is taken in by a rich family in a gated community in Orange County.

Brody was often the comic relief in the series as the nerdy boy-next-door Seth Cohen.He also previously had a starring role in the cop drama Southland.Us Weekly exclusively confirmed in November 2016 that he and his Gotham costar Morena Baccarin were engaged, eight months after they welcomed daughter Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan.Schwartz said about Brody that he is "naturally talented, a funny guy, and has a Point of View on the world (and an initial perspective on Seth) that made him feel very specific, and had a little attitude." The character is based on Schwartz, who said: "The dynamic between Sandy and Seth is very much based on me and my dad.It was as much Seth's choice not to fit in, as it was the Water Polo players rejecting him, and a lot of that came from Brody, as well as a love for Death Cab for Cutie.

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