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Please visit our Money section for more information about currency and credit cards.

Child price is for ages 2 to 12; infants (0 to 24 months) are free.

Local providers may offer other collective tours, and also custom-made and private tours.

Payment Excursions can be paid cash (in CUC, Cuban Convertible Pesos) or with a credit card (not issued by or affiliated with a US bank).

The young boxer, who was born in Cardenas, Matanzas, and settled in Havana’s neighborhood of Santos Suarez twenty years ago, tells On Cuba that, in addition to Texas, she traveled to Oakland and California to attend other screenings of the documentary, and that she did not consider competing in the United States at the time, despite restrictions in Cuba which prompted some people “to speak to me about the possibility of representing the United States at the Olympics if I stayed.” “I’ve always wanted to realize my dreams here in Cuba and to be able to box at the Olympics or an international competition, but it looks as though I won’t be getting that chance,” the former Tae Kwon Do fighter says at a corner of the ring in Havana’s Rafael Trejo Arena, where she has been training for seven years – a place she refers to as her “spiritual home.” Since February 15, 1976, the day she was christened “Namibia”, she’s been destined to become a fighter.

“I started practicing Tae Kwon Do when I was fifteen and I was living in Manzanillo.

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