Ryan cabrera ashlee simpson dating

"I actually came up with stuff for myself while writing with them," Cabrera said of the 40 contestants he co-wrote tunes with on the forthcoming program, which debuts November 14. "I was supposed to just help pull stuff out of them," he said.

"But some people were really, really good." Still, he found that the main advice any of the budding songwriters needed was the simplest of all: Be honest.

"I did that for my brother's wedding, and for one other couple," he said. [And the song works because] I wasn't trying to be cool, or put the moves on you.

"It's a big honor to have a song that they would want to [use]. I was saying, 'I'm weak, and I can't help it, and I'm just going to say exactly what I feel.' " Cabrera's model of a perfect love song, the one he wishes he wrote himself, happens to be Extreme's "More Than Words" — a sentiment he shares with Frankie J (see "Frankie J Keeps Buzz Alive With Extreme Cover Version").

"I think we might actually go shoot it in Mexico and give it a gritty 'Traffic'-esque vibe," he said, referencing Steven Soderbergh's 2000 drug-themed drama.

"I want it to be a really romantic story about these two people who are no longer together, but keep missing each other, and then they each find a picture that brings back all of these memories." Right now, Cabrera is headlining a cross-country trek through the beginning of December with Boston pop quintet Click Five in tow.

She then began dating Chad Kroeger from the Canadian band Nickelback in July 2012.

As for Ryan, he’s been most known for dating Ashlee Simpson.

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Sources close to the roommates claim that they’re still “just friends.” This isn’t the first time that the singers and songwriters have sparked dating rumors.

And while the singer admits that all his songs stem from personal experiences, don't automatically assume that they're all about his famous ex (see "Ryan Cabrera's Love-Song LP Isn't All About Ashlee").

"It's amazing what one picture can say and the feelings that it can bring back to you," he explained.

Do I really want the whole world to know how I feel?

' But that's the only way to get through to another person." That's why, he said, "True" was "so successful" as a love song — one that keeps getting him invites to sing at weddings.

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