Older and bolder dating

It really does feel like the world expects us to live in a shrinking world the second we reach our 60th birthday.

Well, this certainly hasn’t been my experience and I would guess that the majority of baby boomers feel the same.

I really curious what you and the other women in our community think about this.

Do you find yourself getting more risk-averse as you get a little older?

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Maybe you’re one of those women who dream of faraway places that you have convinced yourself you’ll never see.

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According to the Belfast Telegraph, neither does Helen Mirren.

In a recent interview, Mirren said that she has become less selfish with age.

On one level, I can understand why this might be the case – when we are young, we have our whole lives to make up for our mistakes.

As we get a little older, we simply have more to lose.

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