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To start the game, go ahead and pick the person with the most dates under their belt. The RED FLAG cards are the qualities that make your date really AWFUL. If they're all mixed up then it's time to think about your organizational skills, you bloody savage.This will either feed their ego or really, really depress them as they think about the futility of Tinder and how they will never get married or have kids or be happy, really. The PERK cards are the qualities you want in a date. These get played on your totally rad date by your mean friend to make your carefully crafted dreamboat an undateable mess. Each player except the Single draws FOUR Perks and THREE Red Flags.

So take the free personality test to discover how your values and tastes match a potential partner’s and learn about your key traits, which are the things that matter when it comes to compatibility: The test is also designed to find out what you value in life and in a partner.

After all Perks are read, and beginning once again with the player to the Single's left, each player plays a Red Flag onto the player to their left.

You'll end up with a final hand that's something like THIS: Now the players argue why the Single should pick their character to date and reject the other candidates.

It’s yours whether you go forward with your e Harmony experience or not.

Providing compelling insights into your character, it could inform your personal choices in the future.

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    Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.

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