Dating a winchester 94 rifle

The Model 1894 was the first sporting gun to pass the 1,000,000 mark.The millionth 94 was presented in 1927 to President Calvin Coolidge.It was a culmination of the evolution of Winchester lever actions and proving to be an extremely versatile rifle.One of the most notable changes occurred in the 1960s when production costs of the earlier Model 94 design increased dramatically, the company made the decision to find less expensive methods of production or face pricing itself out of the hunting market, which made up a large percentage of retail sales.

I know a lot of hardcore gun fanatics, but not a lot of them have k to drop on collectibles.

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No other bolt-action in history can inspire the passion, command the loyalty or create a sense of excitement among dedicated marksmen like the Model 70.® Since 1936 it’s been the benchmark against which every other bolt-action rifle is measured. The forged steel receiver starts as a forged from a solid block of steel. ) This is expensive to do, but the regal Model 70 is worth it.

The bottom profile of this receiver is flat to offer greater surface area for bedding. If there were a single feature responsible for the Model 70 being known as the "Bolt-Action Rifle of the Century," it would be the classic Controlled Round Feed (CRF) bolt design.

In 2010, Miroku Firearms of Japan introduced two brand-new Winchester Model 94 collector pieces in honor of Oliver Winchester’s 100th birthday.

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