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It’s been fun at times to break the ice with: ‘No, not that Tinder.’ “But the confusion hasn't helped us connect with everyone in the right way!Partnerships are key to what we do, and how we can do more of it, so we needed a name that spoke more clearly about our role and vision.” Milner added that it will be rebadging its community of 5,000 online centres as the Online Centres Network, and will focus on more collaboration between those organisations.And whilst some girls will be on Tinder to find a hook-up, most aren’t.I got my male friend to send the same question to 30 of his (female) matches and the responses were telling.Recent reports linked her to pop star Timberlake, but Rihanna is adamant she isn't even good friends with the singer - as they only worked together once. We just worked together one time." Rihanna also laughs off rumours she has been romancing hip-hop star Kanye West, adding, "I didn't hear that one (rumour).

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She added: “Now it’s time to be clearer about who we are - and who we’re not.

With the latest figures suggesting that up to a third of teenagers in Britain have sex before their sixteenth birthday, Professor John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, said a national debate was needed because the current law was sending “confused” messages about the age at which it is OK to have sex.“Because we are so confused about this and we have kept the age of consent at 16, the 15-year-olds don’t have clear routes to getting some support,” he said in an interview with .

“My own view is there is an argument for reducing it to 15 but you cannot do it without the public supporting the idea, and we need to get a sense of public opinion about this.”He said Britain should “seriously be looking at 15 so that we can draw a line in the sand and really, as a society, actively discourage sexual involvement under 15.

If you burnt your hand on a fire, you wouldn’t return to the fire to try and soothe your burn would you?

There are times for stiffening your upper lip but this isn’t one of them.

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